Cartledge Creek Baptist Church

About Us

Our Mission: To Know God and Make Him Known

Cartledge Creek has a long and rich history that officially begins in 1774, when Col. Thomas Dockery and a group of settlers from Maryland established a Baptist group and built Dockery’s Meeting House. In 1826, a larger building was erected on the present site of the church building and the name was changed to Cartledge Creek Baptist Church. CCBC hosted the Baptist State Convention of 1833, when Wake Forest Institute (later Wake Forest University) was ratified. A publication from 1999 states that nine ministers have been called out from the membership and four churches have been organized from Cartledge Creek. As the church membership grows and changes, we hold this in common with all those who were here before us: “…because they love the Lord, they build together.”

If you’re interested in a deeper history, join us on a Sunday morning. We’d love to introduce you to our residen